Our Mission:

To have the Red Rocket brand provide an attractive and compelling offer.  A true alternative brand that supports locations of all sizes and configurations, providing an opportunity to compete in today’s tough market. To do business based on a relationship of trust through a registered trademarked brand that is as unique as the people it serves.

Red Rocket was developed as an http://hookuphangout.com/casual-dating/ alternative solution to the problems faced by many site operators in today’s market. When circumstances in the market point to a new direction, Red Rocket offers these five important attributes: generic name


  • Independence from the stringent requirements and criteria offered by the “Major” brands.
  • The freedom to market fuel with an attractive and compelling image, with “no strings attached”.
  • The preference to explore all offers in your convenience store, without the burden of seeking approval from some corporate giant.
  • The ability to focus on inside store sales where the true profitability of your business lies.